How Can I Help?

Giving Food

Everything we do as a charity depends on what food we have available to hand out to those most in need in the community. Without it, we cannot operate. We rely on our fantastic local supporters to donate food at our drop off points throughout the area. They can be found in a number of different supermarkets, churches, and other businesses in North Tyneside

Please see this link for details of their locations and what food to donate

We accept a large variety of non-perishable foods, and often produce a weekly wish list on our website letting our supporters know what items we are most in need of at the moment.

We are forever grateful for any and all items we receive and so we check the date of everything in order to make sure it is used currently and doesn’t go to waste. If you want to help, we often find the best way to contribute is to add a few extra items to your weekly shop and deposit them in the collection bins on our way out of the store – you’d be amazed just how much a tin of soup can brighten someone’s day when their cupboards are empty.

Giving Money

Without giving you the hard sell, financial donations are becoming more and more important to the charity. Funding has also decreased this year so we having to push for donations more than ever. If you’d like to make a donation, however small, please take a look at the variety of methods on the dedicated ‘Giving Money’ donation page.

We have also managed to build connections with other food charities based further south down the country. They allow us to purchase food directly from them at a 10% of the cost it would appear at in a supermarket. This is incredibly vital to the charity as it means we can cover food shortfalls when the amount of donations doesn’t quite cover the weekly demand. If you feel like this is something you could really help with, please consider setting up a standing order with your bank.

Giving Time

As we are one of the largest foodbanks in the country, and currently offer assistance to the whole of North Tyneside, we have to rely heavily on volunteers. Everything from collecting the donations from the drop off points, sorting it all out for counting in, stocking the shelves, and on some occasions delivering the food parcels all requires considerable manpower.

The number of volunteers we need in order to run the charity changes depending on the demand; however we are always looking to hear from new potential volunteers. There is never any expectation placed on those who volunteer with us, so don’t worry if you can’t make it a long often!

If you would like to join us, please follow this link to fill in this volunteer form.

We are currently not taking on any new volunteers at this time, but we will keep your form on record and contact you when a space opens up!