December 2014 Newsletter

There’s been a lot going on here at The Bay Foodbank over the last few months. We’ve stepped up our Christmas donation campaign for advent calendars and selection boxes, finished collecting this year’s Harvest festival donations, been awarded financial grants from various companies and passed the 10,000 people served milestone. Although this figure is a sad one it highlights a real problem in this country today. We’re proud to be able to say that, with our supporters vital help, we’ve been able to reach this many people in need. We can only hope that this number doesn’t have to increase much further…

Advent Calendar Appeal

This Christmas, we have been campaigning via Facebook for our supporters to donate festive treats such as advent calendars, selection boxes and Christmas puddings so that they can be given out with food parcels to those in need – especially vulnerable children. The campaign, originally started by comedian Justin Moorhouse, has been a huge success with hundreds of items being donated. We’ve also been able to supply other local agencies with treats for their own clients due to the amount we have received – and so we’d like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who has donated to us during this time!

One of our most touching donations came from little 9 year old Hannah Rose-Dougherty (See header photo) who came by with her family to donate a huge bag full of Christmas chocolate and calendars – all o which was paid for by Hannah herself, using her own pocket money. When she ran out, she went out and did odd jobs for her family members in order to raise more money! Thank you Hannah!

Lloyds Bank Community Fund Winners

We are very pleased to announce that The Bay Foodbank came in 1st place in the Lloyds Bank Community Fund – all thanks to our fantastic supporters who voted for us! Lloyds Bank has awarded us with a £3000 grant so that we can continue on our work here. This will enable us to reach more families, provide more food and continue to try and minimise the hardship of those most at need in the community. A huge thank you to both Lloyds and our loyal supporters!

‘Grow & Eat’ Campaign

Unfortunately, due to the seasonal change, we’ve had to call time on the brilliant ‘Grow & Eat’ campaign which was headed up by Mike Brannigan on behalf of North Tyneside Council; however people are still able to donate their own fresh fruit and vegetables directly to the warehouse. We’d like to thank all of those who have been involved in making this hugely successful campaign happen.

Volunteer & Team-Building Days

Once a month, we often play host to volunteer and team-building days with employees from various businesses in the area: including Procter & Gamble, members of organisations such as YWAM, or even just individuals wanting to spend their day helping out. The volunteer days are a great form of outreach that brings people together for a common goal. It also allows people to ask questions and further their own understand of the work we do and how they can help. We are very appreciative of their support and are always looking forward to the next visit. Thank you!

Harvest Donations

As a direct result of your support this year, we were able to accept donations totalling over 7000 food items from various local schools, churches and companies in the North Tyneside area. This has been an immense help to us, especially in the run up to Christmas when we have to cope with a higher demand in referrals from organisations for food parcels, often due to heightened financial pressures. The generosity that has been demonstrated from our supporters is incredibly heart-warming and you all have our sincere thanks.

Special Thanks

We like to publically thank as many people as we can for their hard work and support; including Angels of the North for their continued partnership with us which helps provide the warehouse we work out of, local supermarkets and businesses for allowing us to collect food from their premises, Aaron Nergaard for his work on this fantastic new website and not forgetting North Tyneside Council and the good working relationship with have with them.