August 2016 Newsletter

As we’re continuing into 2016, we find the good, the sad and the busy! While the Bay Foodbank did not retain local charity of the year at Sainsbury’s,our van did reach the 25,000 miles mark in March and is approaching 30,000 miles now since it entered use in July 2014. This distance is more than the circumference of the earth. We really do go the extra mile. The foodbank delivered our 10,000th emergency parcel in March too, a number which steadily continues to rise and has surpassed 11,000. This rising number is something that has been matched by generous donations and donation drives from schools, individuals and supermarkets. Thank you to you all.

Asda announced it would be removing food donation points in all their stores and only hosting donation drives. This would have severely limited our ability to supply food parcels by hitting our stock levels. More than 88,000 concerned people signed a petition to show support of food bank collection points in stores. This resulted in Asda allowing donation points to be kept in their stores. A huge thank you to our supporters and supporters of food banks across the country.

Annual General Meeting
We’re having our Annual General Meeting at The Barn, Meadow Well Way, Waterville Road, Meadow Well, North Shields, NE29 6BA on Thursday 1st September at 5:30pm.

Jean Hardy
We’d like to say a fond farewell to Jean Hardy as she steps down from the management team at the Foodbank. Jean was one of the original volunteers at the founding of The Bay Foodbank. Thank you so much for your time and efforts. You’ll be missed!

I, Daniel Blake
Ken Loach’s film ‘I, Daniel Blake, has won the Palme d’Or at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. The film focuses on what happens when an older man living in Newcastle has a heart attack and can no longer do his job. He is declared fit for work, meaning his benefits are stopped, and he begins to go hungry. This clip shows and example of what it is like to be late for an appointment have your benefits cut.

Our very own Jackie Dickinson, co-founder of The BAY Foodbank, even has a small cameo in the film which was partly filmed on location at Newcastle west end Foodbank. In the near future, the film is likely to be shown at the Jam Jar Cinema in Whitley Bay – stay tuned! Congratulations to Ken Loach and his production team for their award and well done Jackie!

Seeds of Change
Our new premises in Meadow well resides next to the Seeds of Change project. Recently, their efforts were subject to destructive vandalism. A wave of support followed and a crowdfunding campaign was started to provide the site with CCTV and repair the damage done, showing an excellent response to a saddening incident.

Thank you to Sainsbury’s and their customers for the amazing food donations at the weekend donation drive on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July. The volunteers took in a total of 5127 items of food and £178.88 from shoppers! Stock levels rose dramatically. Unfortunately, we did not retain Local Charity of the Year, but we wish the winner, Hearts with Goals as much success.

Our donation drive in May at Asda. When we finally finished counting it all, 2342 items were donated in all and almost £50 in cash donations! The North Tyneside Volunteer Police Cadets came along to help us during our donation drive as well, the more the merrier. Thank you to everyone involved and who donated.

Evening of Poetry
Local supporters Joanne and Jake organised a poetry reading evening in Durham. They managed to raise £30.20 and the food pictured. Thank you!

Bygate WI!
We’d like to say thank you to Bygate WI for the 236 items of food they donated to the foodbank.

Donation in remembrance
A local couple decided the best way to mark the passing of their son was to donate the food he liked to eat to a foodbank. We were humbled that they chose us to receive that. Thank you so much.

Northern Soundz Fundraiser
Northern Soundz organised a charity fundraiser night in aid of the Bay Foodbank. The event took place on 9th May at the Whitley Bay RAOB club. The evening consisted of raffles, magicians, live music and a free buffet! The night raised £70.20!